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Dogs and artificial grass can make for a smelly combination at times! Unlike real grass, an artificial lawn will absorb foul smells from dog urine and pooch poo, and you can’t simply mow your lawn to get rid of the soiled grass. If your pooch is causing a stink on your artificial lawn, don’t stress – just pick up some of our Artificial Grass Cleaner!

A pet-friendly detergent for Astroturf and fake lawns, our Artificial Grass Cleaner cleans and deodorises your artificial lawn with a single use, replacing foul odours with the smell of freshly-cut grass. When your dog leaves a smelly ‘present’ for you on your lawn, that spot becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria will cling to your artificial lawn even after you’ve visibly cleaned them up, causing lingering odours that just won’t go away. Pretty Pooch Artificial Grass Cleaner helps breaks down bacteria and contains sterilising agents to remove any foul odours at the source. This makes your lawn look bright and brand new while giving it a natural, refreshing fragrance, so it’s ideal for use as a regular cleaner for your whole lawn or as a spot treatment for specific soiled patches.

Our artificial grass cleaners are suitable for use on all kinds of artificial turf. You can apply it with any watering can or pump sprayer, so it’s perfect for any artificial grass owner.

Like all Pretty Pooch products, our artificial grass cleaner is made right here in the UK to meet your highest standards.

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