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Pretty Pooch dog shampoos are made right here in the UK to help you pamper your pooch with ease at bath time!  All our natural dog shampoos are designed to be hypoallergenic and suitable for all breeds, even for puppies aged 6 weeks and up who have sensitive skin. Our unique non-itchy formula turns bath time into a treat for your dog, conditioning skin and fur to leave your dog feeling happy and smelling of fresh baby powder.

Our dog shampoo range also includes a special deodorising Animal Poo Shampoo. This is uniquely designed to clean up mucky pups who love to roll around in things that they shouldn’t! It breaks down foul odours that linger after your dog has rolled in fox poo or any other nasty substance, but you can use it when you need a bit of extra deodorising power to freshen up your smelly pup.

All our dog shampoos are gentle on your dog’s skin but tough on dirt, leaving their coats looking better than ever without causing skin irritation (if you suspect your dog has a skin condition, check our guide to the most common dog skin problems here). They use natural ingredients to give you maximum cleaning power without the need for harsh chemicals, so you can use Pretty Pooch products with complete peace of mind. You don’t have to hold your nose every time you go to pet your dog – use Pretty Pooch dog shampoo and conditioner to make that musty dog smell disappear while helping your hound stay happy and healthy.

Any questions about our range of dog shampoos? Get in touch by calling 0800 091 3171 or by using the live chat function at the bottom of your screen.

Why Do Dogs Roll in Fox Poo?

Fox poo is one of the most disgusting things you can think of - so why do dogs like to roll in it so much? We wrote a guide on why dogs like to cover themselves in animal poo here.

Looking For Ways to Look After Your Pooch This Autumn/Winter?

When the colder months arrive, it's important that your pooch is kept warm and safe. Here are our top 10 tips on how to care for your pup in the colder weather:


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