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All dogs like to chew; a trait which means they’ll occasionally chew something they shouldn’t! Pretty Pooch Chew Repel is an alcohol-free chewing deterrent that naturally prevents dogs from chewing furniture and fabrics around your home.

Dogs will chew things for a range of reasons including boredom, separation anxiety, hunger, and many more. This is more common in puppies, but even old and well-behaved dogs can tear up cushions and chew door frames if the mood takes them. A spray of Chew Repel, our non-staining natural chewing deterrent, can give your furniture and fabrics a bitter and unpleasant taste that your dog won’t want to chew, making it easy to train your dogs what they can and can’t gnaw on! You can use Chew Repel on upholstery, fabric, all kinds of wood, and even on your dog’s bandages if they ever need to wear any after a trip to the vets.

Currently available in a bitter lemon flavour, this chewing deterrent contains no alcohol and won’t harm your dog if they do taste it, but that bitter citrus taste will discourage them from chewing anything it’s sprayed on. Despite its taste, Chew Repel contains no added chemicals of any kind and won’t make your house smell when you use it.

Protect anything that’s valuable around your home and encourage your pooch to stick to its toys with a simple spray of Chew Repel, Pretty Pooch’s natural chewing deterrent! Sometimes, your dog will still eat something it shouldn't. In some cases, this can be dangerous - one thing you need to be very careful of is chewing gum. To find out why you should never let your dog eat chewing gum, click here.

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